Kchmviewer version 2.5 is released

Version 2.5 of Kchmviewer has been released. Added the most wanted feature – support for tabbed browsing. You can now open pages in new tabs by using the appropriate items in right-click content menu, or by use Shift-click (open in new tab), and Ctrl-click (open in background tab) shortcuts. Added tooltips to show the whole string in content, index and search windows, if those strings are truncated by view. Bookmarks are now also shown in menu, and can be added with Ctrl-B shortcut. Back-forward navigation now stores not only the page, but also the cursor position. Added ‘Extract CHM content’ feature to extract the whole CHM file into a directory. Fixed some history navigation issues, ‘locate in content’ button now finds the topic correctly, and activates the content tab if hidden. Fixed mailto: urls handling, fixed crash after encoding change. Contents tree parser is fixed, now TOC should be shown correctly. Added Russia, Dutch and Turkish translations. More translations are welcome!

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