Monthly Archives: December 2009

Kchmviewer version 5.1 is released

Version 5.1 of Kchmviewer has been released. A minor bugfix release, fixed settings saving and bookmarks edit. Also fixed content tree lookup for some pecky CHMs.

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Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 0.7 is released

Version 0.7 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. This release adds a piano roll for choosing the pitch for UltraStar format lyrics. It adds a feature to check whether a new version is available. It fixes many UltraStar export issues. It fixes an issue when a project is loaded with an empty editor window. If the lyrics […]

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Kchmviewer version 5.0 is released

Version 5.0 of Kchmviewer has been released.  Application went through major internal GUI redesign. Navigation tab is now a dock window, which can be moved or left floating. Now requires Qt 4.5 or higher. Fixed settings storage, but unfortunately previous application settings cannot be restored (those saved for CHM files, including bookmarks, should be fine). Fixed index parser. Default toolbars […]

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Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 0.6 is released

Version 0.6 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. This is the initial release.  

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