From KMail to Thunderbird: hotkeys

If you have done everything mentioned before, you now brought your Thunderbird functionality on par with what you had in KMail. And probably the only annoying things still remained is the keyboard mapping. Probably more than once you pressed “A”expecting it to “Reply to all” and ended up with an archived message instead. No problem, here you go.

First you need to install the Keyconfig extension. Download it from this forum topic. If you’re using Firefox, use right click on the link and choose “Save As…”, otherwise you’ll get the Firefox warning.  Open the Add-ons Manager in Thunderbird, go to “Extension” tab, and look above it on the search edit field. On the left side of this field you’ll see the wrench icon with the arrow down. Click on it, and in the opened menu select “Install Add-On from a file…”. Go through the usual warnings, install the add-on and restart Thunderbird.

Then open the Preferences for the Keyconfig extension. Most of the keys you’ll find here.

Find the “Archives”in the list and change the key to “Alt+A” by clicking at the edit field at the bottom, pressing Alt+A (not typing!) and then clicking Apply.

Then find the “Mark > Thread as Read” entry, and click on the “Disable” button. You may choose another button if you use this functionality. I do not.

What we did above is we released the A and R keys for us to use. Now apply them.

The “Reply to All” is easy as there is a special entry for it. Scroll down to it, click on the edit field below and press A. Then click Apply.

However there is no field for “Reply” (i.e. “Reply to Sender”) functionality. You have to add it manually. Press the “Add a new key” button at bottom, type “Reply” in the name field (or whatever else, it doesn’t matter) and copy the following into the CODE field below:


After that click on the key entry edit field, and press R. Press Apply.

Now close the plugin configuration window, switch to e-mail view, and try to press the A and R keys. The A should work as “Reply to all” and R should work as “Reply to Sender”.


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