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Your personal GMail-like mail system: Sieve support

Dovecot has built-in support for the Sieve mail filtering language. It is very useful to do the server-side email processing such as: Removing unwanted e-mail messages before they are delivered to your inbox; Copying or moving e-mail messages to different folders; Creating vacation autoresponses or any other kind of autoresponses Configuring the actions above depending […]

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Your personal GMail-like mail system: the web interface

So you got the system which is as good as GMail, but you also want to have the Web interface. This comes handy when you’re in the middle of changing e-mail clients, or you’re traveling without your laptop and want to check your e-mail from the public Internet cafe. So you want to have the […]

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Your personal GMail-like mail system: SMTP server

In general you do not have to run your own SMTP server, and can use the SMTP servers of your mail providers to send the outgoing mail. However creating your own SMTP server makes your setup complete and much easier to use. You can use the same accounts with the same credentials you used for […]

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Your personal GMail-like mail system: dovecot, the IMAP server

Now you have the e-mail storage with current up-to-date messages, and it is time to set up the access to it. As stated in the design goals, the e-mail storage should be available via IMAP protocol. This allows proper concurrent access to the same e-mail storage while using multiple computers, laptops and the mobile devices. […]

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Your personal GMail-like mail system: fetching with getmail

Now your e-mail storage is converted and you are ready to go. Hold on, it is time to do some preparation work. While not strictly necessary, I suggest you you figure up and write down the following information: Which user id will own the mail storage files. It will also run the mail retriever and (in future) […]

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Your personal GMail-like mail system: converting emails

As mentioned before, the email system uses Maildir format for storage. There are a lot of reasons to choose Maildir and I’m not going to debate about it although technically you can adopt this guide for MBOX storage as well. And since I already had the emails which I want to keep, and since I […]

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ColorPreference class for Android

There are many Android color pickers used for preferences, but they all seem to be unnecessary complex for an ordinary user. If all you need is to let the user choose a single color from a set, you can use this simple class which is conveniently integrated into the Preferences scheme.       

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