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Objection to the Netflix Class Action Settlement

Usual disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Use it at your own risk, and consult a lawyer if you have legal questions. As thousands of other users I received the e-mail from the “Online DVD Class Action Administrator” informing me that there is a class action lawsuit against Netflix. […]

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Android dialog to choose a directory or file based on AlertDialog

This dialog could be used to let the user choose a file or directory. Since it is based on AlertDialog it doesn’t have to be instantiated through startActivity() and therefore could be used, for example, in a PrederenceDialog subclass. The provided code only selects the directories, but it is easy to modify it to select […]

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Parsing ID3v2 tags in the MP3 files

This simple tag parser is very useful when you just need to get the basic information about the MP3 files, such as the title and the artist. Of course it could be extended to extract more information if necessary. Apache license.

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