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SDK Design Goal #1: Design for Quick Integration

This article follows up the How to present the licensed technology the right way? and explains the SDK design goals necessary to present the technology properly. As I promised in that post, it would be followed up by several short posts explaining various design goals, and this is the first one. The first, and probably […]

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QtMultimedia, FFMpeg, Gstreamer: comparing multimedia frameworks

Update Feb 7, 2019: despite being written ten years ago and last updated three years ago, this article content remains correct, and still describes the actual situation with the multimedia frameworks. During the last few years I had developed several multimedia applications. The applications were open-source, free and cross-platform, and therefore they needed the multimedia […]

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How to present the licensed technology the right way?

and why is it even important?? You may have created a good anti-malware engine, a good OCR engine, a good video encoder or whatever. And your product marketing believes there is market for offering this technology to other companies, and thus asking if the technology is ready to be presented to 3rd parties for the […]

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Building a Raspberry Pi-based camera powered by Ethernet

The first built camera was installed in a remote place with no Ethernet connection, so it had to be WiFi-connected. The second camera, however, would replace an existing outdated IP camera, so there was Ethernet connection. Considering this, I decided to power it through Ethernet.

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