Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 2.2 released

A few minutes ago a new version of Karaoke Lyrics Editor – a free, open-source (GPLv3) software to create and edit Karaoke lyrics in many formats, with optional export to CDG and Video formats.


This version introduces several long-requested features, which will help you to make the editing faster.

The main new feature is real-time lyric testing support – if it is enabled, any change you make in the editor while the lyrics test window is open, would be propagated to the test window immediately. Also if the song is being played, the player can also seek back for a set number of seconds, allowing you to test the timing better.

The sound output also switched to use Qt Multimedia’s QAudioOutput instead of SDL, and you should now have less issues with sound on Windows.

Other features include:

  • Added support for importing KaraokeBuilder lyric files (thanks Ivan for providing examples)
  • “Test lyrics” button now reload lyrics without restarting the song.
  • Support for modern FFmpeg.
  • Added a button on the test window to find the start timing mark for the currently played lyrics.
  • When incorrect timing sequence is detected, we now print not just the line number, but also the timing mark value.
  • When exporting CDG/Video, the editor now remembers the exported CDG and video file names.
  • Added commands to change the block text vertical alignment: @%T for top, @%M for middle, @%B for bottom.
  • Added highlighting for special character sequences starting with @.

Big thanks for this release goes to Dario Abatianni, who submitted over seven patches for the features listed above,  and to all registered users! Your continuous support is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Dave Hollas says:

    Just tried your Version 2.2 and discovered the “Export To Video” feature fails and the program crashes. Earlier, the Version 2.1 worked fine on the same Windows 10 with Compatibility Settings installation.

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