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Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 1.3 is released

Version 1.3 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released with several major changes: Audio player switched to FFMpeg/SDL instead of incredibly buggy and unreliable Phonon. No more “cannot play this file” error on Win32. Added improved export in CD+G format with a preview dialog and easily configurable options. Improved the CD+G tester which allows playing any CD+G […]


Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 1.1 is released

Version 1.1 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. Several major bugs were fixed, including CD+G rendering. The UltraStar pitch editor was removed. The editor to use regular text instead of annoying drawn timing marks was switched. The text editor is no longer locked if the music file is not loaded.


Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 1.0 is released

Version 1.0 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. CD+G lyrics export was added.

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Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 0.7 is released

Version 0.7 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. This release adds a piano roll for choosing the pitch for UltraStar format lyrics. It adds a feature to check whether a new version is available. It fixes many UltraStar export issues. It fixes an issue when a project is loaded with an empty editor window. If the lyrics […]

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