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Kchmviewer version 6.0 is released

Version 6.0 of Kchmviewer has been released. Since this version only QWebKit is supported; support for QTextBrowser (which was never a full HTML browser) and KHTMLPart (which is outdated) was removed. This should result in less bugs reports related to old and buggy browsers. Java/Javascript, plugins and HTML5 options could be enabled/disabled for Webkit. Added support for opening […]

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Kchmviewer version 5.3 is released

Version 5.3 of Kchmviewer has been released. Minor bugfixes for WebKit, a lot of translations added. Added Commercial FAQ section which explains various aspects of commercial usage.

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Kchmviewer version 5.2 is released

Version 5.2 of Kchmviewer has been released. Minor bugfixes, mostly for Windows builds.

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Kchmviewer version 5.1 is released

Version 5.1 of Kchmviewer has been released. A minor bugfix release, fixed settings saving and bookmarks edit. Also fixed content tree lookup for some pecky CHMs.

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Kchmviewer version 5.0 is released

Version 5.0 of Kchmviewer has been released.  Application went through major internal GUI redesign. Navigation tab is now a dock window, which can be moved or left floating. Now requires Qt 4.5 or higher. Fixed settings storage, but unfortunately previous application settings cannot be restored (those saved for CHM files, including bookmarks, should be fine). Fixed index parser. Default toolbars […]

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Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 0.6 is released

Version 0.6 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released. This is the initial release.  

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Kchmviewer version 4.1 is released

Version 4.1 of Kchmviewer has been released. Fixed several bugs related to improper context showing, and inability to open files with non-English file names under Windows.

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Kchmviewer version 4.0 is released

Version 4.0 of Kchmviewer has been released. The major feature of this release is parsing binary table of contents and indexes, which speeds up loading CHM files up to five times. Two most annoying bugs were fixed as well. This release only supports Qt4 and KDE4.

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Kchmviewer review on PenguinSightings

Kchmviewer review on PenguinSightings. Good job Mark!

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Kchmviewer version 4.0 beta 3 is released

Version 4.0 beta 3 of Kchmviewer has been released. The major feature of this release is KDE4 support. Qt version 4.4 is now supported as well. Added hotkeys to go to next or previous item in TOC, fixed parallel builds, some minor bugs fixed.

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