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How to present the licensed technology the right way?

and why is it even important?? You may have created a good anti-malware engine, a good OCR engine, a good video encoder or whatever. And your product marketing believes there is market for offering this technology to other companies, and thus asking if the technology is ready to be presented to 3rd parties for the […]

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The Biggest Myth of Technology Licensing

Or does technology licensing work against the company? In the previous article I mentioned the reasons for licensing the technology. But still one question remains unanswered: if you license technology for financial reasons – to earn money – is it worth it? Or, stated more typically, Yes, it is good to make extra money, but […]

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Why companies license technology to other companies?

In the previous article I explained why the companies license technology from other companies. Now let’s see why companies license their technologies to other companies. This question is asked by the engineers even more often than the previous one. After all, we developed something unique with lots of effort. So why not start reaping fruits […]

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