The Karaoke Player for Android has the following features.


Multiple file format support

The Karaoke Player for Android supports most popular Karaoke formats. However due to Android limitations some formats have the restrictions:

  • CD+G / ZIP. This format is fully supported, but may require a modern phone such as Galaxy S II or better to ensure lag-free play of complex animations found in some songs. The ZIP file containing both the MP3 and CDG file is supported too.
  • LRC1 / LRC2. This format is fully supported.
  • KAR / MIDI. This format is partially supported due to the limitations and bugs in the Android MIDI player. For example it is not possible to adjust tempo or pitch of a MIDI file, it is not possible to mute the solo track, and the Android MIDI parser doesn’t handle lyrics so there are no events, which makes the synchronization for some songs not reliable.
  • KFN / KaraFun. This format is partially supported, with no background images, effects or video from the KFN file are being used. Implementing those is possible but time-consuming and currently not planned.
  • Ultrastar / Performous. Same as KFN above, this format is partially supported, with no background images, effects or video.

Collection support

  • The player supports the songs collections with the following features:
  • Local collections are supported (typically a directory in the file system containing artist subdirectories containing the songs)
  • Remote collections are supported. Currently the collection must be available over HTTP or HTTPS (with optional authentication) and the server needs to provide the index for the collection to be scanned. The songs are downloaded only when they’re played.
  • Multiple collections are supported, the songs from all the collections are accessible in the same window.
  • Search by the artist or by the song name is available.
  • The player supports large collections, and has been tested on collections containing over 50,000 songs.
  • The collection window layout uses fragments on tablets, allowing both the artists and songs in the same window.

Lyrics customization

  • For the text-based lyrics (LRC, KAR, KFN) you can set up the font size and type, and the lyric colors.
  • Allows changing the lyrics background, which may be a specific background image or a random background image from the gallery. This works even for CD+G files!
  • Supports lyrics in a non-English language such as Mandarin, Russian, French or Spanish. The encoding to use needs to be set in Settings.


The player uses the minimal set of permissions possible:

  • Internet permission is used to support the remote collections and to show the advertisements in free version.
  • Access Network State permission is required by the Google Ads component.
  • WakeLock permission is needed to keep the screen on during the song play.

Free version versus Paid version

Both the Free and Paid version provides the same functionality. However the Free version shows ads, while the Paid version does not.