Missing features

There is a number of features apparently missing from the player. Some of them are just not implemented yet, but planned. Some of them cannot be currently implemented, and some cannot be implemented at all. This page provides the guidelines about the planned features as well as those which cannot be implemented. Please make sure you check this page before submitting a feature request.


Known bugs to be fixed in the next release

  • Showing something on the screen in case the lyrics aren’t yet to be shown

Planned features

Those features are planned to be implemented in one of the future versions. There is no specific release date, and the actual implementation depends on how much value the application brings. You can help speeding up the implementation by using the application or purchasing the paid version.

  • Playlist with a queue – in progress.
  • Stop/Play/Next/Prev buttons – in progress.
  • Randomize queue – in progress.
  • Setting not to keep the screen awake during play (for HDMI output) – in progress.

Currently not implemented

Those features are not implemented, and there are no plans to implement them unless and until the Android ecosystem (devices and/or software) changes significantly.

  • An active seekbar / seeking in the music files – due to the limitations of CD+G format it would require replaying the whole CD+G sequence before the current point, making the seek incredibly slow (10-30 seconds per seek). Forward seek is possible, and less slow, but still takes 5-10 seconds. Seeking is possible for other formats though, but currently not planned. This will be implemented in future when the processing power of the majority of phones would be at least at the level of Galaxy S II.
  • Pitch/tempo change (AKA key change) in music files. This may be possible assuming your device is powerful enough, but the result application will only work on Android 3.2 and higher. Will be implemented once there are no users with the previous versions, and when the processing power on the phones increases.
  • Using a different MIDI synthesizer or a different sample bank. This is not possible because of the limitations of Android system.
  • Ensuring that all MIDI files are played properly. There are bugs are in the Android MIDI player, which break the synchronization for some MIDI files. Therefore it would require fixing the Android instead. Still if you find another Android player which plays this MIDI file properly, please report the bug. Please do not report incorrect play if you tried only the PC software like Vanbasco, because our abilities to handle MIDI playback on Android are much more limited.

Will not be implemented

Those features will never be implemented.

  • Automatic vocal removal from the music. This is not possible.