Reporting bugs

Thank you for considering reporting the bug for the Karaoke Player. This is really appreciated, and bug reporting is extremely important to improve the application quality. By reporting the bugs you help making the player better for you and the rest of the users. Therefore bug reporting is highly encouraged, and the most active bug reporters have received a free paid license.

However for the bug report to be useful we need to know what exactly the bug is, and which conditions trigger it? Please describe the bug and please be specific, since we cannot see your device and can’t guess what the problem is. The description does not have to be long, but it has to be specific. Just compare:

Description #1: “your player sucks! It does not play my favo song! It did before, but at our fraternity bash some stupid msg just popped up and player closed! We were devastated that we drank Jack Daniels mixed with Coors, and had really bad hangover the next day! I will never use your software again!!!“. This description is very vague in terms of what the issue was, and doesn’t let us to find out what is the problem. Such bugs simply cannot be fixed.

Description #2: “After I start the player version 1.20 (latest) on my Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (runs Android 4.3.2) and click “Play” and select the file (attached) the error message “Lyrics cannot be loaded” pops up and the player closes. Previous version worked fine. Other files played fine. Logcat attached“.

Those two messages describe exactly the same bug. Look at how much useful information the second description provides, such as:

  • The author made sure to use the latest version of the player. If you do not, please update to the latest version and see if the bug is still present, there is a good chance someone reported the bug and it has been fixed.
  • The author checked against the list of missing features to make sure this isn’t a known issue, and saved some time.
  • The author described the device where the bug is reproduced. It is possible that the bug is limited to a specific device or Android version, and it had happened before.
  • The author described what he or she did, and what was the result. This is extremely important. The first author only mentioned the result (player closed), and did not mention what was done.
  • The author recognized the problem may be limited to a single music file, and attached it. Not only this had the bug fixed in five minutes, but now all future releases would be checked against this file to make sure the bug won’t happen again.
  • The author copied the text of the error message exactly. This allowed to look it up in the source code (yes, there are MANY error messages which could pop up). “Some message just popped up” is useless.
  • The author knew that logcat is, and attached its output. This is very helpful in debugging crashes. If you don’t know what logcat is, thought, you can skip it.
  • The author tried to stay professional and avoided insults and useless information. Yes, it sucks when the program crashes.

Now, once you wrote a good bug report (and we hope it is closer to #2 than #1), please send it as following:

  • If you are using the free version, please report bugs at forum
  • If you have purchased the license, you can send the bug report to

Thank you for reporting the bugs!