Karaoke Disk Unpacker

Karaoke Disk Unpacker is used to extract the music and lyrics from the DVD disks used by the hardware Karaoke players popular in Eastern Europe and Asia. The music is extracted in its original format, and the lyrics can be extracted in LRC or LRC2 format.

You will find it handy when your old Karaoke player malfunctions (which unfortunately happens very often). Then you typically find out that your player model it is not sold anymore, that the new model does not read your old disks and comes with a different disk which doesn’t have your favorite songs. In this case the only way you can access the songs from your old player disk is by extracting them into the music/lyrics files, and use some karaoke player like XBMC to play them.

This application uses Qt for the GUI, and is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.