Karaoke Lyrics Editor

Karaoke Lyrics Editor is a program which lets you edit and synchronize lyrics with karaoke songs in various formats. Currently supported formats include LRC, LRCv2 (supported by XBMC) and Ultrastar (without pitch). Export into the CD+G format is supported, as well as export into video. Unlike just regular lyrics available everywhere, lyrics suitable for karaoke players need to have timing marks which tell the player when to show a specific line, and when and how highlight the words. It has many unique features which are missing even in the expensive commercial software.

Unlike most lyrics editors for Linux, it is self-sufficient, and does not depend on KDE or some external players. Karaoke Lyrics Editor is available for Linux and Windows, and uses the Qt toolkit, (Qt5), and FFMpeg libraries.

The latest version is 3.0 released on Aug 5, 2019.

The latest version and the source code is available at my Github repository.