Getting it

Download a precompiled Linux version

Since Linux binaries are often distribution-specific, the first thing you might check is your distribution repository. Check other available repositories, not just main repository, because it may be only present in additional repositories. The package name should be
“karlyriceditor”, and the package type should be your distribution-specific type.

The only precompiled binary which is provided by me is the RPM built for OpenSuSE. Download it here.

Download a precompiled Windows version

A version for Windows is available. Download it here.

Build from the source code

To build the application from the source code, download the latest source from here. After unpacking it, please run “qmake” followed by “make” and “make install” commands.

This application depends on Qt development package and other development packages, including gcc and make. Please ensure those packages are installed. If you cannot find “qmake”, you do not have Qt development package installed. Check your distribution, it may have names like “qt-devel”, “qt4-devel”, “qt4.5-devel”,  “qt-dev” and so on. If you’re getting errors about missing FFMpeg or SDL headers, this would mean you need to instal FFMpeg-devel or SDL-devel libraries.

Once the application is installed, run it by invoking “karlyriceditor” from command line, or by using appropriate menu entry.