Thank you for considering registering the Karaoke Lyric Editor!

This program is free software, and is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3. This means, in particular, that you can use the software, modify and distribute the modifications of the software as long as you abide the terms of the GPL. Please see the GPL license FAQ for the details.

The software is available free of charge, and you are not required to pay anything to use it. However developing the software takes time and costs money. Therefore the software contains the registration component. The goal of the registration is to see how valuable the is the software for the users. The users’ feedback would have the direct effect on the speed of bugfixes, new features, and overall development of the software.

Registration also allows you access to the following:

  • E-mail support (standard or priority depending on registration). Only registered users are eligible to e-mail support. If you are not registered, please use the
  • Priority bugfixing and access to the not yet released versions of the application.
  • Ability to replace the “Created by Karaoke Lyric Editor” string on the title page by any text.

Registration is per year because this would help to evaluate the current interest of the users. The price is the following:

  • 12.99 USD: 1 year non-commercial registration with regular e-mail support
  • 25.99 USD: 1 year commercial registration with regular e-mail support
  • 49.99 USD: 1 year commercial registration with priority e-mail support

Thank you for considering the registration of the software! You can register online through Paypal using the form below.

Karaoke Lyric Editor Registration Type
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All registrations are proceed within 48 hours, and you will get the registration code by e-mail. Please use the same e-mail you used during the registration for the support inquiries.