Frequently Asked Questions


Since switching to WebKit only in 5.0 most browsing issues should be gone. If you’re using a pre-5.0 version and have the issues with CHM browsing, please only report the bug if the problem is reproduced in WebKit browser as well (Settings – second tab – select “Webkit”). Or upgrade to version 5.0.

Q: When I open CHM document, there is no “Contents” or “Index” tab.
A: The files required for Content or Index tabs are not present in chm file. Therefore it is not possible to show those tabs.

Q: Font size increasing button does not increase the font size, just changes the font to bold once.
A: Make sure you use resizeable (true type) fonts. The described behavior is expected when bitmap fonts are used, as their size
could not be changed. Check your system configuration.

Q: The CHM file looks different on UNIX comparing to Windows
A: If you’re using original WinHelp, it uses IE engine which is different from WebKit. Use simpler HTML. If you’re using Kchmviewer on Windows, most likely you’re using non-standard fonts. If cross-platform compatibility is important for you, stick to standard fonts.

Shortcut keys

The application supports the following shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl+1 – switch to contents tab (if available);
  • Ctrl+2 – switch to index tab (if available);
  • Ctrl+3 – switch to search tab;
  • Ctrl+4 – switch to bookmarks tab;
  • F11 – switch to/from fullscreen mode;
  • F9 – show/hide navigator dock window;
  • Ctrl+Left arrow – show previous page in the content window;
  • Ctrl+Right arrow – show previous page in the content window;
  • / – pop up find menu
  • F3 – find next item
  • Ctrl+mouse click – open page in a new tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+mouse click – open page in a new tab, and switch to this tab
  • Middle-click on a tab name – close the tab