Monthly Archives: June 2005

Kchmviewer version 0.92 is released

Version 0.92 of Kchmviewer has been released. This is a bugfixing release. Context and search windows are not shown if not present in CHM. The last used directory is now saved. Fixed ‘View HTML source’ bug, “Select All/Copy” popup menu bugs, duplicated WhatsIs icons. Fixed AMD64 build (experimental). Added several keyboard shortcuts for menu commands, added extra shortcuts: […]

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Kchmviewer version 0.91 is released

Version 0.91 of Kchmviewer has been released. The last chance to test it before the official release – please send your bugreports! The most important feature of this release is the configuration dialog and history of viewed files. KDE version users can select the HTML viewer, and Qt version users can specify a browser to open external links. […]

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Kchmviewer version 0.9 is released

Version 0.9 of Kchmviewer has been released. The most important feature of this release is added support for complex search queries. Other important chages are: better KDE support, KHTMLPart browser now supports link navigation, copy/select, zooming, in-page search and correct encoding change; zoom and scrollbar position is also stored for KHTMLPart; ms-its links (cross-links in CHM documents) are […]

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