Kchmviewer version 2.7 is released

Version 2.7 of Kchmviewer has been released. You can now switch between tabs using Alt+[1-9]. Now current window size and splitter position is also stored on exit – separately for each chm file. Kchmviewer should now work correctly on non-x86 platforms, including the codepage autodetection. TOC directory entries now could be opened/closed with double-click on the entry name/icon, not just +/- icons.

Added a warning when the browser or browser settings are changed that the application restart is required for changes to take effect. Fixed the i18n compilation problem in kchmviewwindow.cpp. If the TOC directory entry did not have an associated page, it was not possible to select it. No more duplicate entries in previous file history. The window title is now truncated if too long. Tab close icon now positioned correctly. Menu-based window selection with multiple tabs now works. Added Czech and updated Dutch translations.

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