Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 1.3 is released

Version 1.3 of Karaoke Lyrics Editor has been released with several major changes:

  • Audio player switched to FFMpeg/SDL instead of incredibly buggy and unreliable Phonon. No more “cannot play this file” error on Win32.
  • Added improved export in CD+G format with a preview dialog and easily configurable options.
  • Improved the CD+G tester which allows playing any CD+G file, not only the one generated internally. Therefore it is now possible to do several exports, test them all and see which one would suit you the best.
  • Added support for the video and image backgrounds (Edit/Insert picture and Edit/Insert video). Any lyrics can use multiple backgrounds, which will be switched at specified times. Note that all existing lyrics formats are based on text and do not support backgrounds (it will be ignored when exporting to, for example, LRC format). Therefore it is only relevant for CD+G and video export.
  • Added support for video export. You can now export your Karaoke song together with music, lyrics and the background into a video file!
  • Numerous improvements and bugfixes.

See the program page for details.

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29 Responses to Karaoke Lyrics Editor version 1.3 is released

  1. ivan says:

    Hi. Your software Karaoke Lyrics Editor is awesome, the easiest stuff in the world for making CDG karaoke files. There’s just one problem. I cannot use the bigger font because of your info screen. Is it possible to make it shorten (to erase ‘Created by: or http:// on the info screen)? Regards, Ivan

  2. ivan says:

    George, just tried version 1.4, no crashes whatsoever. Thanks for shortening, I can take bigger fonts now. Tried to register, but the program just freezes for long time (CTRL ALT DEL was required). One question, regarding your reverse-engineering virtuosity, is it possible to make some sort of OCR for converting CDG to LRC, like we can see in some subtitle softwares (SUB/IDX to SRT)? Keep the good work, Ivan

    • George says:

      Email me, I’ll provide you with the registration.

      Yes, it is possible to do CD+G->LRC, although it is tricky. First, there are various graphics effects which take advantage of CD+G being graphics format instead of text. Those will obviously be lost during conversion. Second, there are multiple way to color the lyrics sung, so getting the things right without the human input might be tricky.

  3. ivan says:

    Any chance of making a player with support for some music responding background visualizations:
    http://www.vsxu.com/development/integrating-with-your-project ?

  4. Tom Kersey says:

    Does anyone know of a site where I can download a pre-compiled Linux version of the program. If that is not possible, how about very specific compilation instructions. I have been out of the programming loop for quite a while. Any help is appreciated.

    OBTW, I have installed the windows version under Wine and it runs just fine. However, after creating a karaoke disc with a user built audio file and the cdg from karlyriceditor plus some commercially available files the following was observed:

    – the songs on the disc from commercially available files looked and sounded good.
    – the songs built with karlyriceditor sounded great but the video was a bit garbled as follows:
    – initial screen (credits, etc) was never cleared.
    – subsequient screens were not cleared after use so remaining output to video overlayed the previous screen causing the screen to be totally unreadable. I am using a memorex karaoke machine for playback.

    Thanks for any help I may receive.
    with much appreciation for a nice piece of software,

    • George says:

      You’d have to compile it yourself. Should be easy as long as you have Qt development files, and the latest FFMpeg (this one may be tough as most distros do not keep up with it, and you might have to compile it as well).

      After all, it is typical ‘qmake’ and ‘make’ invocation.

      Regarding the bugs, could you please upload the project file and the sources plus the output video somewhere so I can take a look? Might be Wine-specific bugs though.

      • tom kersey says:

        attempted to compile karlyriceditor — failed.

        qmake followed by make produced the following listing:

        root@ubuntu:/usr/local/karlyriceditor-1.4# make
        cd src/ && make -f Makefile
        make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/karlyriceditor-1.4/src’
        g++ -c -m64 -pipe -O2 -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT -I/usr/include/SDL -Wall -W $
        ffmpegvideodecoder.cpp: In member function ‘void FFMpegVideoDecoder::close()’:
        ffmpegvideodecoder.cpp:186:40: error: ‘avformat_close_input’ was not declared i$
        make[1]: *** [ffmpegvideodecoder.o] Error 1
        make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/karlyriceditor-1.4/src’
        make: *** [sub-src-make_default] Error 2

        I could not find a reference to “avformat_close_input” in libavformat, found instead “av_close_input_file” which I believe to be an older lib. For some reason I cannot get libavformat54 to install (probably because I don’t know much about what I’m doing. Is it possible to compile with the older library?


        • tom kersey says:

          OBTW, I forgot to tell you what system I am using. This is the output from uname -a.

          Linux ubuntu 3.0.0-30-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 2 23:16:29 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


        • George says:

          There is no such thing as “older ffmpeg library” as FFMpeg has been changing its API for two years with each release.

          I suggest building the latest FFMpeg library from the sources, install it to somewhere like /usr/local/ffmpeg/ and change the INCPATH/LIBPATH in src.pro to use that FFMPeg library instead of the native one.

          • tom kersey says:

            thanks, I’ll compile ffmpeg, etc. and give that a shot.

          • tom kersey says:

            i downloaded and built latest ffmpeg and openssl. when I finally got the libraries and header files put in the right place, things worked up to the point of compiling kfn_file_parser.cpp and got the following errors:

            kfn_file_parser.cpp: In member function ‘QByteArray KFNFileParser::extract(const KFNFileParser::Entry&)’:
            kfn_file_parser.cpp:314:80: error: no matching function for call to ‘qMin(long unsigned int, unsigned int)’
            kfn_file_parser.cpp:314:80: note: candidate is:
            ../../../include/qt4/QtCore/qglobal.h:1114:17: note: template const T& qMin(const T&, const T&)
            make[1]: *** [kfn_file_parser.o] Error 1
            make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/karlyriceditor-1.4/src’
            make: *** [sub-src-make_default] Error 2

            I will continue to research this problem. However, any hints as to what I am doing wrong would help. thanks.

          • George says:

            Get the current trunk from Subversion, it fixed that and a few other issues.

  5. tom kersey says:

    got karlyriceditor-1.4 from Subversion. compiled and installed latest Qt4.
    attempted compile, got same error as above.
    Beats me.

  6. tom kersey says:

    tried again since your last post. looks like your update didn’t make it to download area, yet. is it possible to download latest source from your site?
    I’m still getting the same error about qMin.

  7. tom kersey says:

    hey George!

    that last change you suggested fixed the compilation. I had to change the Makefile to point to the correct location for libcrypto before it would link. However, I now have an executable karlyriceditor which runs under Ubuntu AMD64 os. I will upload it to my anonymous ftp site and send you a link, if you like. It seems to work very well, thought the lyrics are a bit crude when played with PyKaraoke.
    I will continue to experiment with it and keep you informed as to the results.

    many thanks for all you help,

  8. ivan says:

    Sorry George, for posting here… but forum won’t let me in. Regarding conversion from Powerkaraoke TXT to LRC, here are the files:

    I have only trial version of their software and it allows me to save only 1 minute. Hope it would be enough. There’s a link to download the files:


  9. Allan says:

    I’m a new user of Ubuntu 12.04, and I just down loaded karlyriceditor 1.3. Is there simple way to install it, and do I need ‘gmake’ and ‘make’ functions as part of the installation, and what would that formate look like.

    Thanx, Allan

    • George says:

      If you want to build the package from source, you need to learn how to do it. You’ll need qmake, make and a few development packages. More details available in README. I’m afraid this is not something friendly to new users, but this is how the majority packages are built, so the sooner you learn it, the better.

  10. alex says:

    How can you import/edit a cdg file on this program? Thanks

  11. abera says:

    Hello, just started using your app (v.2 – latest update), and it’s really nice, except that when I export the CDG file the text comes out blurry and almost unreadable no matter what I do. I am using LRC version 2 BTW.
    Any help on that issue?

  12. Jan van Droffelaar says:

    the output of the CD+G file is not clear. However, in the preview it”s OK ??

    • George says:

      Yes, this is the format limitation itself. From Wikipedia

      In the CD+G system, 16-color (4-bit) graphics are displayed on a raster field which is 300×216 pixels in size, of which only the central 288×192 area is used.

      As you see, the resolution is really low. I suggest exporting into video formats.

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